Friday, July 31, 2009


We had a meeting with NGO Green Home to plan an action together in the city to promote the use of bicycles...
After the meeting some went to visit the city and others stayed in a park for a Rhythms of Resistance Samba Workshop with recycled instruments, 2 kids and 2 tourists joined us :D
filming my bicycle for television
In the evening we joined with local activists in the main square to talk with the press and then cycled around the center in circles in a kind of Critical Mass (and it was even the last friday of the month :D)
"Clean air for all"
Barkan, from israel joined the biketour before the action...
In the night we had a fast dinner in a park and then went to a local caffee to drink rakjia with some locals and even got a man playing and singing to us :D...nice night...
taking a shower with the fire brigade truck before going to bed :D

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