Monday, July 20, 2009

Spille -> Shkalinur

waking on the beach
morning swim
Yesterday we planned a beach cleaning action in order to try to show sporadic beach tourists the quantity of garbage in this beautiful beaches, after lunch we all walk to the beach with some big plastic bags and cleaned a little part of the beach, not having people speaking albanian in the group is hard to pass a message, but at least we start doing something as a self-organized action group...
beach cleaning action
After unmount and cleaning the camp we follow a dirt road next to the beach for some km in the hills, passing lots of small villages and end up camping in a nice beach full of bunkers (albania built 700 thousands bunkers in the war time to defend the country so they are common every where you look)
babsitaborda on three wheels :pbike, sheep, sea and sun :D
cycling on the hills
Nizam (turkey) on top of a bunkerbiketour turn right signYarden and the sunset

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