Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Shkalinur -> Durres

In the morning we cycled some km in the sand next to the sea water direction Dures.
On three wheels next to the sea :D
Arriving there we had a meeting with Irene (???) of a local NGO about the problems in the city, there is a big italian coal power plant planed to be built in Porto Romano and local people are not really aware of the problems of it.
saying goodbye to lilly and babsi
After the lunch, bapsy and lily left us to cycle alone, faster by the coast, direction north.
Porto Romano
We then cycle to see the future place of the power plant (Porto Romano) and had a flyer distribution action in a big avenue of the city.
In the same avenue, in the evening, we projected two movies about coal problems (sadly the sound system was too weak and no one could really understand them) from Bankwatch (the organization Ondrej works on).
Already late, and after a dinner in the avenue while being watch by really interested people on how we eat (people in albania don't really find staring at other people as bad education and they do it constantly in a really deep way that you take time to accept), we cycle to a field next to the city where we camped with the company of thousands of annoying mosquitoes!!

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