Thursday, July 16, 2009

Vevčani -> Librazhd

Waking up early because the days are getting each time hotter... in the way, me and lily, went to have a swim in the lake and discover that the meeting point was out of the main road, but luckily we meet neils in the way and kept together going REALLY up to pass the albanian border, in the top of the mountain.
arriving there we noticed babsi was waiting in the meeting point because no one had contacted her, she had some difficult to get to us, so i volunteered to cycle back and get her....going down the big hill was really fun and after finding her we were really lucky to get a hitchhike with both bikes in the up hill till the border where we had lunch.passing the borderAfter passing the border, where there was no problems for Neils (ukraine), we went down a huge mountain all the rest of the day and meet a nice field to stop for some fruits where we got surrounded by kids who were really excited by our presence and we played some games with them althought no one spoke any common language :)
In albania the biketour coordinators, marcha and daniel, could not find a local guide so we are "on our own", and this night we found a nice camping place near to a really fast river where we had a great washing clothes and body workshop :p...
Liza and felix cooking dinner :D

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