Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pretor -> Ohrid

In the last circle meeting there were two road proposals to go to Ohrid Lake from our macedonian guides, a longer one by the mountains, and a small one in the national road, as i was cleaning camp in the morning and had to carry the trailer, choose the small one and cycled it with benoit, lily, bapsy, bojan (macedonia) and sven... really hard going up parts with no shade :/... but amazing mulberry tree in the way :D
having fun around the mulberry tree :D
Arriving at the Horid lake we had lunch around a beautiful tree and after we looked for a camping spot and ended camping in a private yard next to beach :).. after finding the camping place, Marco (Macedonia) left us :(
me, bapsy and lily climbing the tree :)
In the night, after cooking dinner, some went with Bojan to a nice guided visit to the city where in the center there is a tree (alive) with more than 1000 years, planted when the city started.
During the night, by chance, we meet Slavian in the streets, a (crazy) guy who knew the biketour and that had cycled around the world for two years following the summer and almost not using money...

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violetree said...

hihih...il gesto con la mano che fai sull'albero è tipicamente italiano ;)
ciao scimmietta!*