Tuesday, March 31, 2009


All day heavy rain outside, so i stayed at home getting to know the house and inhabitants and helping mounting a "new" (recycled) stove and cleanning the mess ;)
"Squatters eat human meat" - a parody about conventional media and the squat movement

Monday, March 30, 2009


view from my tent to Can Masdeu
Camped in front of Can Masdeu last night ;)... during the day visited the installations and helped arnau with his tipi again...
house in a tree :D
"Agriculture is the profession of wise people, the best fitted and worthy to all free men" - Ciceron
the beginning of the passive-solar straw house of Martin
comic about recycling and consume
pedal-powered washing machine detail
The dried bathroom is quite good (and big) really clean and without smell, thanks to the separation of urine and the use of dried material ;)
view from the dried toilet :D
dried toilet
"The first revolutionary duty is to maintain the dried latrine clean."
After (a good) lunch with some of the house inhabitants and after contacting La Pao, i cycled to Marishiweu, the squat where i can stay some days ;)...
no one answer, so i visited the park guell, really near, a nice park, full of tourists in a high part of barcelona...
Finally i went back to Marishiweu and got to know them, we had a large conversation about mafia in italy, social revolution and anarchism in spain and cataluña...
"less traffic, more tranquility"

Sunday, March 29, 2009


I wake up and cycled some few meters to Can Masdeu... the social center it's supposed to open every sunday, but this one was closed... i talked with the squatters there and everyone was really nice...
the communitarian agriculture fields, with neighbours working :)
a pedal-powered washing mashine :D
a free bicycle repair shopthe free clothes shop
The house was an old leper colony abandoned for more than 50 years, squatted 7 years ago... there are around 30 people living there... and lots of projects, a communitarian agriculture project in the fields around the house, a social center...
working ond the pine alicerces :D
lorito, a sweet blind parrot that loves to whistle
a flame heart in a pine :D
During the day i help martin in a bio-construction workshop... he is building his own room as a passive-solar house made of straw and living celling... this day we just prepared some of the alicerces of the future house and talked about the project... really nice work to do.... all the pine alicerces were made with pine trees that felt naturally some weeks ago in a wind storm :)... no lifes taken...

The house it's a real community, really well organized, woud like to return for some days more... this night i sleep here, but there are already too many guests to stay longer :(...

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Cala Morisca -> Barcelona

Again enter this big city was, like in valencia, an adventure in order to escape all the highways that enter the city...after 3 or 4 hours lost looking for a entrance i decided to make the last 5 km by a highway (autovia - a kind of highway that allow bicycles - not that nice to cycle there anyway...)

In barcelona i tried to contact Can Masdeu, a old squat involved in environmental and agriculture projects that i had contact before without answer, by mail and another person by phone without success... so i cycled out of the city again and ended camping under heavy rain near in the woods near Can Masdeu

Friday, March 27, 2009

Tarragona -> Cala Morisca

Obey, don't protest!
Made an amazing travel next to the sea out of tarragona direction barcelona...as i didn't have any answer from the contacts in barcelona decided to camp in a cave of the old part of a cement factory next to a naturist beach...