Thursday, August 5, 2010

France, and loads of things happening...

the bike i built in london is going on without major problems :D...all parts from skips
After visiting a bit of wales the biggest and most interesting stop was in bristol, we stayed in The Factory, a recently squatted social center, where the people living there are making amazing construction work to make it liveable and usable... I also visited other projects in the city, an anarchist library, a free shop, a bicycle festival, an's another of those cities where everything is happening :D
Kebele Social Center Welcome boarddouble bicycle car pushing a pedal-powered sound-system trailer
after bristol, the last days in england were nice, we visited a organic farm and then head to Portsmouth to cross by ferry to Le Havre, France.
I was more than 10 days in the Camp Action Climate and too many things happened to be able to describe them here, i will try to do a summary.

We arrived by bike to the site of the camp about 4 hours after being squatted, it was a huge field and in less than two days 4 kitchens, 3 sets of compost toilets, water, showers, 2 circus tents for big events, indymedia tent, legal team tent, medical team tent, a free shop, a welcome tent, an organic local beer bar, a kids hut and some more small-infrastructures.
After the first days of setting up the camp i already knew loads of people and was easy to adapt to the life in camp (teams for cooking, cleaning, organizing, etc...) and joined the medical team workshop (for me as a simultaneous french learning workshop as well :D)
Reclaim the street and blockading MacShit
During the week some action and loads of things happened, i meet amazing people and gained a lot of knowledge on direct action... Velorution (Critical mass) is an amazing way of distracting the police and making action colourful and coherent (oil boycott)... we did it several times, the mac donalds was blocked for some hours with an amazing organic vegan dinner being distribucted in front of it, while reclaiming a part of the main street of Le Havre for clowning, playing and relaxing, Clown Army was a big presence everywhere, there was a blockade of the total (that turned to a blockade - with the help of the police - of the whole Le Havre Port), a supermarket expropriation (self-reduction action) where more than 2000 euros of first-need products were then distribucted in the streets of a poor neighbourhood, and a blockade with lock-ons of a Agro-fuel refinery and a banner drop inside the factory...
blockade of Total refinery
now the biketour is getting bigger, we are 20 cyclists, but probably this will be the last post i write, as i will leave the biketour next monday or tuesday, to go to amsterdam or nantes...