Saturday, October 31, 2009

Barcelona -> Cala Morisca

We had a last lunch with lolo and matias and left after it, direction valencia, in the way we meet Jurgen, a cyclist that started in germany 5 months ago, he travels with a big trailer with a tube boat inside that he can fill and carry all his stuff (including bike) inside to boat in rivers and next the coast... pretty crazy, hã?
Lolo and lolo next to lolo's last art installation in the streets :p
Jurgen's bike and trailer, he goes pretty slow going up...
we continued together and camped near an old place i camped before next to the beach, we invited him to dinner and he surprised us with a bottle of Vermouth, we talked till late about our trips around the fire :D

Friday, October 30, 2009


giving the our first kombucha daughter to lolo and matias
I was in internet all morning and helped yolanda making a carob cake, with the carob we picked near cansmadeu and recycled bananas and cooconut :D
cleaning recycled vegetables
we ended up making a pirate cake to offer lily in her goodbye party, after being travelling for almost 2 years with all kind of crazy projects (train hopping, cycling, hitchhiking) she will go now in a new adventure by sailing boat 3 months to cross the atlantic and travel the USA again...
captain lily :D and her sail and pirate flag behind
during the night, while we waited to recycle in veritas we talked a lot with an old lady that also recycles food there about capitalism and the nonsense of trowing so many perfect food away everyday...

Thursday, October 29, 2009


After a morning in the house we went out to visit sam, an old friend of yo and had lunch with him...
After we had a hair cut afternoon and in the night went out to recycle again in veritas ;)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


We passed most of the day at home talking with lolo and matias and planning a bit our future route, the plan is to leave to valencia, then alcoy, madrid, valladolid, salamanca and enter portugal...probably it will change :)...

in the night watch the a nice documentary about climate change and the tipping point: The Age of Stupid

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


our freegan breakfast: fresh fruit juice, croissants, salad and bread with hummus (just the chickpeas were bought in the near shop...)
After breakfast we tried to go to another yoga class but was really full, so we returned home and invited lily for lunch.
We had another stenciling workshop also with lolo and matias and saw a movie in the night: The Age of Stupid, about climate change urgency.

Monday, October 26, 2009


After lunch we meet with two samba band paris players, Flo and a friend, and went together to a solidarity demonstration in front of the Dutch consolade against the new anti-squatting in netherlands.
You can't evict ideas! Squatting will continue!
squatting is the solutionempty building are the problem
After we visited lily and charlie and spend the afternoon talking a lot about lily's cross by sailing boat to the USA (she's travelling for some years around the world and is going to cross the Atlantic ocean in some days) and other adventures and we did a t-shirt stenciling workshop :D.
Before dinner we went to the organic shop near to dumpster some croissants and veggies and drink wine with her sister, anna.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


We cycled to can masdeu to visit it again and see how it evolved since my last visit, we went in a house tour with some other visitors, and missed the body conscience workshop that was going on at the same time :(
the straw room of martin didn't advance much ;)
but the yurt of arnau was already used all summer and is ready for winter :D
The lunch was served in the RurBar and after, while lolo and matias returned to the workshop, there was a talk about climate change and COP15 that we also didn't follow till the end...
Instead, we cycled to marishiweu, the squat where i stayed last time in barcelona... was really cool to meet them again, talked a lot with carlos, pau, pablo and fra, after dinner, visited equipo B for a while...
in the way out of can masdeu we stopped next to a carob tree to pick some fruits :D

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Today is the 350 global day of action decentralized action around the world to raise awareness for global warming tipping point and try to make governments agree on the 350ppm limit of CO2 emissions on the next Copenhagen United Nations Climate Change Conference... sincerely i don't belive in any change coming from governments, and anyway, the 350ppm limit in 2012 (It's FOUR years from now!!!) is the most positive scientist agreements, the less optimistic ones says it must be 280ppm...currently we are around 385ppm and going up every day... this is a nice clip to understand what tipping point means: Wake up, Freak out!
In the morning we cycled to the beach for a solar breakfast, hot chocolate and cakes made of organic flour, cooked on sun ovens...
Lolo and Lolo :D
From there we continued in a small critical mass to las ramblas where other actions were taking place, we meet amparom, who we meet in the yoga class, that asked for help in a street performance, we went home for lunch and then we meet for a meeting to train the performance in La Carbonería.
From there we went again to las ramblas for a samba performance against climate change and to present our little performance, fun :)
After that we went for a real climate change action, dumpster diving from an organic shop near the center.
saving a pineapple from ending in a dump somewhere, after traveling half world just to be neglected in barcelona streets...
Talking about skiping food, it's not the first (i can't even count how many time i've done it already) in this trip that i recycle food, but it's amazing that here we can live 100% freegan, but why?, people can ask, lack of money? definitely NO! there are loads of reason to dumpster, for sure most of them involves lack of money, but there are thousands of people doing it for ethical and idealistic reasons, it's a forced open-eye experience the first times you do it, this fucked up society, based on savage capitalism and consumerism, wast so much of our resources, i think the best and most original food i've eaten so far came from garbage bins, and i've eaten it recently.

When you skip you look for clean products, most of them are still wrapped on tons of plastic, others have skin that can be easily washed and pealed, i would never eat something already rotten, and only a dumb can not easily see and smell when that occurs, all my friends that dumpster food told they were never sick from that, probably even the contrary, as you are "obligated" to eat so many fruits :D...
some of the food we saved last days, after select and clean them
just as an example these days i'm spending in barcelona i've already dumpster: pineapples, papayas, chirimoyas, bananas, apples, pears, peaches, nectarines, oranges, grapes, kiwis, carrots, tomatos, potatoes, onions, lettuce, beans, some vegetables that i don't even know the name of, cookies, bread, juices, organic (!!!) croissants, yogurts, rice, olive oil, eggs, fresh pasta, tortellini, and other crap also as mayonese, bechamel and even beer!

most of the things were still inside the validity date or the date was finishing that day (and as you should know, those that in packages have always to be less than the truth), they were just thrown in the garbage, after beeing plantes, produced, packed, transported and shown in a shop because they were not sellable, because one in 10 tomatoes was rotten, or a can had a bump...

it's only logical to do it, and here in barcelona loads of people do it, it's a crazy social event, people talk a lot while waiting for the shop to close and exchange things they found ;) i've meet all kind of people doing it, young, old, students, punks, poor people...etc... all helping each other and talking about the waste produced every fucking day!

You can see the for more info and a movie from lily: Skipping waste