Sunday, October 25, 2009


We cycled to can masdeu to visit it again and see how it evolved since my last visit, we went in a house tour with some other visitors, and missed the body conscience workshop that was going on at the same time :(
the straw room of martin didn't advance much ;)
but the yurt of arnau was already used all summer and is ready for winter :D
The lunch was served in the RurBar and after, while lolo and matias returned to the workshop, there was a talk about climate change and COP15 that we also didn't follow till the end...
Instead, we cycled to marishiweu, the squat where i stayed last time in barcelona... was really cool to meet them again, talked a lot with carlos, pau, pablo and fra, after dinner, visited equipo B for a while...
in the way out of can masdeu we stopped next to a carob tree to pick some fruits :D

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