Saturday, February 28, 2009


Chill out day... it was almost all night and day raining... all the clothes i had washed were wet again :p...
beautiful smog
Passed all afternoon with Jahlilah seeing movies in Pablo's house and eating salti-chili popcorn :p..

Friday, February 27, 2009


"nature protects you, protect the nature back"
Wake up early and went with Jahlilah to get wood in the mountain, El Potro tries to be a self-sustainable project, has some solar energy (and a mini-wind generator for soon), lots of vegetables planted, fresh water and wood from the mountain around...
Dry toilet with a nice view :D
At noon I walk with Jahlilah to the center, we went to a juggling workshop where i learned to cycle a monocycle (only few meters and after a hour of training :p..) with a 13 years old kid...

After we met Sandra and went to visit CSO Cals Flares in risk of eviction, they have a really nice library and a great space...

We had dinner and then went to CSO El Molinar for some punk/ska concerts...

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Alcoy -> Aielo de Malferit -> Alcoy

I got out around midday after saying goodbye to such special place...
Cycled all day and around 16:00 I noticed i forgot my jacket behind... as i have time and it's a really got jacket I decided to return and arrived back in El Potro really in the night...
I think it was nice to return and will stay here some more days :D as there will be a party in the Squatted Social Center El Molinar

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Maset del Potro
Resting most of the day and helping Pablo to clean his house after the huge party yesterday...
Pablo's house

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Crazy day! Getting to know Maset del Potro :D

We woke up early to take care of the animals. There is a really beautiful donkey and some chickens of a local specie almost extinct (as someone told me...eheh),
After we packed the bread and brought it down to the car and Jordi spreed them in the city :p.. normally, Candela, the donkey, helps to bring the bread from El Potro to the car, this time was not needed (other 4 monkeys did it :p...)
I washed all the dishes and bread material and then Marta, Jahlilah and me stayed in the house talking and relaxing...
Roget e baqueta :)
vultures in the sky
i després del petroli què?
At noon I join an incredible party in Pablo's House, a house near (300 m) to el potro, also with not much access... there we had a tribal carnival ritual to celebrate lent... really nice night to get to know a little bit my inside and dream... we were 10 and i barely knew them, but the night was really special, we played instruments all night, sing and had fun... In the end I decided to lent smoking for 42 days (the moon cycle, this carnival was new moon and the cleanse finish in two full moons)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Elche -> Alcoy

I got out early to find the green path to Alcoy... there were no signs and I got in strange paths lots of time... Any way the path was really beautiful and i arrived in Alcoy around 18:00.
how caterpillars walk the street?
I met Marta there and we walked (carrying the bicycle) to El Potro, a project in Barranc del Cint a small path between two mountains, no car access (by trecking bike is also REALLY hard to get there).

Arriving there was like entering in a fairy tale, lots of nature and a beautiful old house with water...

Every week in El Potro they produce organic traditionally made whole bread and I arrived in the middle of the process, still helped to put them in the oven... really nice experience to share with Marta, Jordi, Jahlilah and Alfred

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Alicante -> Elche

After another night in Alan's house, Marta brought me and Matias back to Elche...

While waiting for Mabel in order to enter the house I stayed in Matias's house watching movies, a great one called Libertarias about the spanish anarchist revolution seen by the women perspective...

Later we went back to the park and I packed my things and made a goodbye dinner in Mabel's house ;)

Saturday, February 21, 2009


We stayed in the house till late and then we met Alan in el Ring where he would play (a punk matinée)
Later we join the crowd in the streets in a crazy party...