Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Crazy day! Getting to know Maset del Potro :D

We woke up early to take care of the animals. There is a really beautiful donkey and some chickens of a local specie almost extinct (as someone told me...eheh),
After we packed the bread and brought it down to the car and Jordi spreed them in the city :p.. normally, Candela, the donkey, helps to bring the bread from El Potro to the car, this time was not needed (other 4 monkeys did it :p...)
I washed all the dishes and bread material and then Marta, Jahlilah and me stayed in the house talking and relaxing...
Roget e baqueta :)
vultures in the sky
i després del petroli què?
At noon I join an incredible party in Pablo's House, a house near (300 m) to el potro, also with not much access... there we had a tribal carnival ritual to celebrate lent... really nice night to get to know a little bit my inside and dream... we were 10 and i barely knew them, but the night was really special, we played instruments all night, sing and had fun... In the end I decided to lent tobacco...no smoking for 42 days (the moon cycle, this carnival was new moon and the cleanse finish in two full moons)

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aloe vera said...

que linda burrinha! os meus padrinhos tinham uma em amarante, que nunca cheguei a conhecer, chamada andorinha :)