Sunday, November 30, 2008


Sevici, public bicycles ;)
José wake up really early to go to walk in the snowed mountains near Sevilla, he gave me a lift to Sevilla center and I visited Sevilla when everyone is still asleep and the streets are really calm...

After visiting Triana neighborhood, I meet the italians again and we went for another full day of tourism in Sevilla, it's much nicer to do tourist visits with some friends...

I stayed around in Sevilla old center till I meet José to return home, and then i had to prepare everything to leave his house in the next day...

a great sticker, from a lossy movement

more stickers :)
The cover of a spanish magazin :D
a nice drawing ;) ("work alienates")

Saturday, November 29, 2008


Sevilla's catedral
i had to wake up early to leave the hostel, after a long party night :p..
a girl dancing flamenco in the streets
Sevilla's main street, no cars on it :) just bicycles (lots) and Metro
As a good tourist, for the first time, I went with my new italian friends to visit Sevilla, I cycled a bit in the old town and went to Reales Alcázares to visit the beautiful gardens and palace...
Lucas in the Alcázar interior
a nice interior garden in Alcázar
me, Anna and Silvia in the Alcazar gardens :D
a weird fountain (zoom it!!)
At noon I could finally contact my host from hospitality club and went to his house 6 km away from the center in a different town, called Mairena del Aljarafe. I stayed with a really nice guy who loves to travel by bike, he traveled a lot in Portugal and he's writing a book about a trip in Portugal cost now ;)...

Sevilla's street art ("everything for everybody")
We talked a lot and he gave me some advices for my trip.

José, thanks for your help and hospitably :D

Friday, November 28, 2008

Niebla -> Sevilla

camping under a bridge last night ;)

I arrived in sevilla a bit late and when i phone the hospitalityClub member who accepted to host me, he realized it was to late to explain me the way to his house (6 km outside the city) and told me to find a hostel to stay this night ;)

In the street, I met a girl from Denmark also looking for a hostel, we found one together and in the hostel we meet 7 italians :) of them (fuck, i can't remember his name, i hope he contact me anyway...was a really nice guy) speaks portuguese, he was a volunteer in Brazil and recently he was traveling in the south of Portugal by foot, a really interesting guy.

We all went out to fiesta that night (they still will send me some pictures, I think...)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Junqueira -> Niebla (España)

Fire bhy the morning ;)

I cycled till the border of Spain, Vila Real de Santo António, and crossed the border by boat.
crossing Guadiana by boat
I then cycled direction Sevilla, my next stop, without a map. In the middle of the way i stoped to camp under a small bridge where i lit a small fire with the few wood i could find ;)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mértola -> Junqueira

the place where I camp last night :)
I cycled in a national road with few cars all day. I entered Algarve and in that moment i could saw the first cyclist traveling Algarve i meet this trip, we didn't talk, as he was going in the oposite direction but was nice to think I'm not the only one traveling by bike in this crazy, and freezing, time of the year.
entering Algarve
Visited Alcoutim during the way and cycled in a nice path near the border of Spain (along the coast of Guadiana river) a really nice and calm way :D.
I found a old house when the sun was starting to set and used it to camp (the house had no roof, but the walls protected from the wind :D) there i found for some moments a nice baby cat who was following me everywhere, then he just disappeared :(

a nice evening with the fire by my side...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Aldeia das Amoreiras -> Mértola

Got out early and, after saying goodbye to everyone i knew in the village ;), i cycled direction Mértola.
ready to start cycling, in front of the social centre
a recently built small windmill in Aldeia das Amoreiras
Visited Castro Verde for a while in the way and tried to find a place to camp still at day time, my first time mounting the strange tent i got for this trip (not as good as it promised, really small, and hard to mount).
nearly free wild pigs I saw in the way, said they will end in someone bread :(
I found a strange depression in the land near to the road and camped inside it. When the night came, the temperature started to fell quickly and i lit a small fire to pass some time and get warm :). I heard that the temperature this night was zero degrees.
reading by the fire :)

Monday, November 24, 2008

Aldeia das Amoreiras

I was planning to get out today but i took too much time packing and after lunch the weather changed and it looked like it was going to rain (in the end it were just 20 minutes of rain all afternoon) so I arranged everything and postponed leaving for tomorrow ;)

I'm still waiting some answer from HospitalityClub to get place to stay ;)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Aldeia das Amoreiras

Stayed the sunday at home with Marco and Ana, Poejo e Banzé (two nice cats, that end every night sleeping in my bed) and Fogo a nice dog.

Banzé and Fogo trying to be friends ;)

During the afternoon I opened the Center for the free internet ;) and, finally, wrote this blog up to date.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Aldeia das Amoreiras

I wake up early and cycled till Garvão ;)
Aldeia das Amoreiras
At the afternoon i went with Lucy and André to catch more olives ;)

At night we visited André, Sara and Lua's house with Sr. António and had a great time ;). He cooked some wild mushrooms called Capuchos, really tasty.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Aldeia das Amoreiras

Centro de Convergência common room

a meeting under the sun ;)
Spent the day in the center with the volunteers.

At night there was a strange magic show in the small café in the village, sadly they used an wild snake and some pigeons in the show...

Animal-free spectacles are so much funnier (for all)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Aldeia das Amoreiras

After spending some time in the Social Centre, I went with Lucy, other volunteer at the center, and Ricardo to Sr. António's farm to catch olives with a big stick and a net...

Great time talking with the old villager and learning the best way to catch and use the olives and how to make olive oil ;)

At night there was a cinema session in the Social Center, with an episode of Planet Earth a BBC documentary.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Aldeia das Amoreiras

the social centre, behind the public water tanks
I visited the village a bit walking... and spent some time in the Centro de Convergência.

Ricardo, Ana and Marco's house ;)

At night i watched a movie with Ricardo, Ana and Marco (Ricardo's house mates) eating popcorns with honey and peanut butter :D (AMAZING!!)