Friday, November 7, 2008

Caldas da Rainha -> Gruta Nova (Roliça, Bombarral)

Got out of Joana's house still early morning ;) didn't give a properly "goodbye" as she went early to classes...
popular market in Caldas da Rainha

i cycled to Óbidos and stop to have lunch and use the public internet... as i as really tired, from the 130km i cycled yesterday, i found a paleolithic cave after Roliça, called Gruta Nova, and stop to get some sun, read a bit and get rest, the night arrive early and, as the cave was really clean and warm, i decided to pass the night there... a really nice experience, to sleep where people used to live millions of years ago ;)

Óbidos castle

i had the company of a small, and nice, bat and decided to sleep inside a big bag Vera made for me.. a really nice night with a beautiful moon and the start of an amazing book, The One-Straw Revolution, an introduction to natural farming (wild agriculture).


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