Monday, November 3, 2008

Porto -> Aveiro

After packing everything (i still have to post a picture of the bicycle and all the stuffs I carry on it) at the last moments I started the trip in the direction of CasaViva (a project I was involved with) to let somethings there and take one of the last good coffee for a while, I'm sure ;)

After saying goodbye to the house, and Joana that i met there, i cycle till ribeira and, as a good sign :p, i blown my first tire in the middle of D. Luiz I brigde and had to stop and change the tire tube :)

Then i cycle with a great view in a nice bike path almost all the way to Aveiro, where i stayed in the house of a old friend, Tito...
it's a very nice path, even in the parts where is the national street... in this area of portugal we can easily spot several people enjoying their bicycles... and it's very common (sadly, too common) to see old people cycling ;)

I visited the university cooked with tito and his friend and then we watched a great movie about life: Waking Life

animal farmed food factory, probably from GMO soy (

Av 21.8 | Ds 75.61 | Tm 3:27:38 | Mx 56.0 | Odo 113.7 | T.Tm 6:08 | one flat tire

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