Saturday, November 8, 2008

Gruta Nova -> Sintra

I wake up early to see the sunrise, and continue, along the coast, till Sintra.

In Sintra, I stayed in a kind of squatted villa (an old rich farm), Quinta do Castanheiro, people are trying to build an alternative community there and reorganize and recover the big, beautiful garden. There are a lot of fruit trees, a small backyard with some vegetables planted, a water canal (not sure with potable water) and 4 nice houses (3 of them habitable). I found some people living there for some time, it's more a temporary project where different people join for a while.

Getting there I meet some nice people and stayed in the smallest house with a french family of musicians (Jack, Jonathan, Dorothee and Didier), I meet also Gaby there, a friend I meet sometime ago at CasaViva.

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