Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Aveiro -> Coimbra

I got up not very early, for a person who was planning to cycle 90 km that day, I'm not a very sleepy guy (as a friend once said to me: i have all my death to be sleeping :p) then I cycle till Coimbra, this way is not so beautiful as the last day and i got some minutes of rain...
kaki persimmon tree
During the way i could catch some season fruits as pomegranate and kaki persimmon a really bless for a tired cyclist :)

When arrived in Coimbra i found that the old city blocks are a really nasty place for cyclists... the old part of the city, where most of the old university building and old student houses (called repúblicas) are, is a real pain to climb with a bicycle full of stuff...

i stayed on Bolywood, a students house, with Sandro Gringo ;) and his friends. Still went out for a beer at night, but was too tired to join them partying all night :p

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