Thursday, November 6, 2008

Coimbra -> Caldas da Rainha

As crazy as it can appear, I found an host by HospitalityClub in Caldas da Rainha and decided to try to go there directly from Coimbra as i just had a place to stay there if i arrive on this day...

The trip was about 130 km and i got pretty exhausted from it... I found Joana, the girl who host me, near the train station and then we saw a movie together because she already had planed to do it with a friend ;)...a really nice time to relax after so many cycling kilometer (and one flat tire, again!!!) seeing a strange movie (Joana, you have to remember me the name of it)
taste diversity ;)

At Joana's room i found a piece of an action I participated in Porto on the World Food Day, a vegetarian free picnic where we hang some paper fruits with sentences about the food we eat... really nice to go so further and see a piece of an action you were part of :D

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