Saturday, November 29, 2008


Sevilla's catedral
i had to wake up early to leave the hostel, after a long party night :p..
a girl dancing flamenco in the streets
Sevilla's main street, no cars on it :) just bicycles (lots) and Metro
As a good tourist, for the first time, I went with my new italian friends to visit Sevilla, I cycled a bit in the old town and went to Reales Alcázares to visit the beautiful gardens and palace...
Lucas in the Alcázar interior
a nice interior garden in Alcázar
me, Anna and Silvia in the Alcazar gardens :D
a weird fountain (zoom it!!)
At noon I could finally contact my host from hospitality club and went to his house 6 km away from the center in a different town, called Mairena del Aljarafe. I stayed with a really nice guy who loves to travel by bike, he traveled a lot in Portugal and he's writing a book about a trip in Portugal cost now ;)...

Sevilla's street art ("everything for everybody")
We talked a lot and he gave me some advices for my trip.

José, thanks for your help and hospitably :D

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