Friday, November 14, 2008

Lisboa -> Setubal

After lunch, I still went to say goodbye to Mara at the Social Centre, where they were arranging the last things for a big party on Saturday, and then I went to Cais do Sodré, to catch the boat to the other side of Tejo river, where I meet Joana, a friend form Porto who is studding in Lisbon now.

When got in the boat I meet another cyclist, who told me also participated sometimes at Lisbon Critical Mass, and we cycled together for some kilometres, talking and showing me the way to Setubal...

During the way i discovered my camera is not working properly :(.

At noon I arrived at COSA, Casa Okupada de Setubal Autogestionada, an old portuguese squat in the center of Setubal, meet really nice people there. It's a great autonomous project.

At night we went out to stick some autonomous, anti-capitalist posters and visit Setubal by night.

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