Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Aldeia das Amoreiras -> Mértola

Got out early and, after saying goodbye to everyone i knew in the village ;), i cycled direction Mértola.
ready to start cycling, in front of the social centre
a recently built small windmill in Aldeia das Amoreiras
Visited Castro Verde for a while in the way and tried to find a place to camp still at day time, my first time mounting the strange tent i got for this trip (not as good as it promised, really small, and hard to mount).
nearly free wild pigs I saw in the way, said they will end in someone bread :(
I found a strange depression in the land near to the road and camped inside it. When the night came, the temperature started to fell quickly and i lit a small fire to pass some time and get warm :). I heard that the temperature this night was zero degrees.
reading by the fire :)

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