Monday, August 31, 2009

Jagnjedovec -> Veliki Pažut -> Jagnjedovec

Action day ;). Most of the people already left, so around 40 people participated, we meet in koprivnica and walked around in small groups asking people about Veliki Pazut and explaining that it's going to be destroyed.
Then we meet again in the place to get to see it with our eyes..a beautiful place...where the two rivers (with different water colors) meet.
We took a swim there and then return to Sunny Village to help cleaning out the place have dinner and talk about the evaluation of the action.

Sunday, August 30, 2009


our nest :p
Austrian day, after the circle there was an austrian performance and then i went to a shiatsu workshop (too hippie for me...)
austrian performance
in the afternoon we had a discussion about copenhagen climate conference and actions.
While a cooking workshop was being held, we talked and planed the action in koprivinica to raise the problematic of the future destruction of Veliki Pazut, the place where Drava River and Mura River meet.
in the night there was a Hip-hop concert with a local band and we then saw a beautiful movie (i have to ask meinhard the name of it...)

Saturday, August 29, 2009


In the morning, after breakfast, we had the festival circle, the festival is based on DIY principles and, besides few pre-programed events all the agenda is filled with proposed workshops by the festival participants in each morning circle, the tasks are also divided this way.
We had a biketour meeting to evaluate and talk about next year's tour... a really intensive and emotional meeting to close this long tour in a nice way :D
After lunch, while there were some dance workshops (It was the dance day) i accidentaly felt asleep and missed them :-/...

I woke up to a meeting about a planed action about the distruction of a part of Drava River and after dinner there was another (this time weird) concert.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Čingi-Lingi -> Jagnjedovec

a local neighbor rought us some homemade food for breakfast because e saw us in television :)
We cycled to Koprivnica where the city mayor was waiting for us to cycle with us to the city center, Koprivnica is known to be the croatian bicycle-city, lots of improvements were made and the city center is car-free.
picture in a bicycle monument :)
Then we went to danko's house and prepared our entrance in the Mnogo u Malom festival, using some recycled materials we found with the theme "feel the heat" on mind...
We then cycled all together and dressed up to the festival were we had a great reception with macedonian music and acrobatics :D...
It was the makedonia day and they saved us some lunch, then some workshops were happening and i went to watch a (really weird) movie about makedonian identity.
Danko's father gave us a guided tour around the Sunny Village (the property where the festival is held) and his collections.
big rocket-stove to cook dinner
After dinner and talking with loads of people there was a concert and crazy party.this was officially the last day of Ecotopia Biketour 2009! Great tour, thanks for all i learned and what i meet in this trip ;)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bjelovar -> Čingi-Lingi

Meinhard (Germany/Turkey) joined us during the night, with a funny folding bike he is hitch-biking with.
We joined with some local cyclists and media (i was interview for Good Morning Croatia! television program) to form a critical mass and cycled throught the city, blocking the traffic (that amazingly was really calm, and most of the people around were bicycle friendly).
daniel (NL), neils (SE), moritz (DE), Cola (HR), me (PT), barkan (IL), yolanda (NL), karl (AT), andreaa (IT), natasha (UA), maxime (UA), vladimir (UA), efrait (IL), Leo (HR), Sasha (UA), marcha (NL), meinhard (DE), milan (RS)
After the ride, a local organic farmer offered some food and wine and then we cycle, with Leo (a member of the local mountain bike club) as a guide, through the forest to a lake where we swam and camped :D

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Zagreb -> Bjelovar

Me and yo stayed behind to chack internet... then, as we could not find the correct road we decided, to be fast also, to follow the main road till Bjelovar.
There we had a presentation of the local NGO, Nature & Society, and we talked about the critical mass they organized to reclaim a car-free city center (just one small road is still used by cars, hte rest is already car-free) for tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


In the morning i fixed my bike (broken spoke) with the help of milan and then we had a rehearsal for the action.
Then we cycled to the entry of the economy ministry building and made a small show for the media about green energy and renewable sources in order to press some changes in a document that is going to be voted.
The press was heavily present and the action had great position on this day news (television, radio and news papers).
After the action we return to Medika squat for lunch and i meet Rega and Vesna (a friend from Porto that is visiting his girlfriend).
I lost the rest of the day cycling around zagreb looking for new sandals (mine have a hole for some days already) and then we had a party in Zelena Akcjia Headquarters where we could see television news about the action and photos from biketour.
Rega came to have a beer and we stayed talking till late :)... great to see old friends from my city :D