Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Omarska -> Prijedor

Benoit leaving, hope this experience left some seeds to grow
We had a presentation about the problems of the region in the morning, while Benoit prepared to leave the biketour...
Presentation from Omarska Eko Pokret about ArcelorMittal
Then all biketour participants signed a letter talking about environmental problems with the metal ore mine and the plan of a new cement factory in Omarska and, with some locals cyclists, we cycle in a big group to Prijedor, to deliver it to the local government.
Passing ArcelorMittal factory, with open-air piles of iron ore 100 from the primary school
In front of the city hall we had a small press conference and spread some flyers about the problems in omarska.
on the news again
We then found a nice place by the river to camp, had a swim and some workshops, moritz talked about eco-villages in Germany and i organized a DIY (Do It Yourself) workshop to build a can-stove ( with the intention of using it the rest of the trip instead of gas...
Nils telling another amazing adventure on cycling alone in russia or ukraine
The stove worked, but i still have to find the right fuel for it and try it again properly ;)

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