Tuesday, August 25, 2009


In the morning i fixed my bike (broken spoke) with the help of milan and then we had a rehearsal for the action.
Then we cycled to the entry of the economy ministry building and made a small show for the media about green energy and renewable sources in order to press some changes in a document that is going to be voted.
The press was heavily present and the action had great position on this day news (television, radio and news papers).
After the action we return to Medika squat for lunch and i meet Rega and Vesna (a friend from Porto that is visiting his girlfriend).
I lost the rest of the day cycling around zagreb looking for new sandals (mine have a hole for some days already) and then we had a party in Zelena Akcjia Headquarters where we could see television news about the action and photos from biketour.
Rega came to have a beer and we stayed talking till late :)... great to see old friends from my city :D

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