Sunday, August 2, 2009

Niksic -> Savnik

having a great waking up call by a bunch of sheep walking next to us we had breakfast in the city and i went to the local emergency room to let a doctor see my chin (no problem although j could have a stitch or two if it was after the fall)
We cycle all together UP till a small village where we had lunch... Andrea (italy) then continued alone in the main road, as he was in need of rest, and we took a mountain road to Savnik.
Lunch time ;) after a wild climb below hot sun...
In Savnik we camped next to the river and me and yolanda, by the night, when everyone else was asleep were invited by a nice guy for a coffee, after he had seen us in television because of Podgorica action... nice and weird (we could not comunicate at all...)...great road down to Savnik, where i passed the 5000km in my ciclometer

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