Thursday, August 13, 2009

Zenica -> Travnik

Eva and Ana left us in the morning, and the rest of the group cycled to the city hall, where a local NGO (EkoForum) organize a small action, we delivered a letter concerning the bad air quality and talk to some press.
After the action we cycled (up most of the time) to Travnik.
There we meet a guy from the local NGO and we were suppose to project Home again, but the place was not ready and the projection was canceled. Instead he gave us a historical walk in the city.
Before joining that walk, i meet some kids and walk with them, talking about ethnic problems and what they think about it, for example, each ethnicity have it own school and no mixed schools exist!!!... they were muslims but really didn't care much, but for sure this separation don't help ethnic problems to disappear in this country...
After that we went up to the castle, where we were allowed to mount our camp, with a great view over the town...

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pinel said...

uhullll brazilian stikers from critical mass!