Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bjelovar -> Čingi-Lingi

Meinhard (Germany/Turkey) joined us during the night, with a funny folding bike he is hitch-biking with.
We joined with some local cyclists and media (i was interview for Good Morning Croatia! television program) to form a critical mass and cycled throught the city, blocking the traffic (that amazingly was really calm, and most of the people around were bicycle friendly).
daniel (NL), neils (SE), moritz (DE), Cola (HR), me (PT), barkan (IL), yolanda (NL), karl (AT), andreaa (IT), natasha (UA), maxime (UA), vladimir (UA), efrait (IL), Leo (HR), Sasha (UA), marcha (NL), meinhard (DE), milan (RS)
After the ride, a local organic farmer offered some food and wine and then we cycle, with Leo (a member of the local mountain bike club) as a guide, through the forest to a lake where we swam and camped :D

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