Monday, August 24, 2009

Vukomerić -> Zagreb

Recycled Estate [1][2], the project we visit, is a great idea, it started with a group of young urban people in 2000 and grew, slowly, in a DIY style, learning with experiments and mistakes till today. Just one person lives there permanently now but around 20 people are involved in the building and gardening and other living spaces are planed...
After breakfast we had a guided visit around, we talked about permaculture in agriculture, building and living and seft-sustainable housing.

Then we walked around the project:
we visited the photovoltaics solar panels that produce all the energy there.
The extensive green roof in a passive-solar style.
The wind energy generator.low-energy houses and importance of insulation
walls plastered with local clay.
traditional building and changes to gain energy efficiency
how to build a solar water heating panel
straw bale house
wasting water filter ponds
Biofuel laboratory, to produce biodisel from used cooking oil
the permaculture garden
After the lunch we helped peeling beans. In Recyccled Estate they maintain a seeds library and exchange program with more than 200 varieties of beans and some other hundreds of seeds ;)
Already the sun was falling we had to cycled to zagreb to prepare the action of tomorrow, we had a meeting about the performance we will make and then we party in Medika squat all night long :p...

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