Sunday, May 31, 2009


Another day in the Antifascist festival...i don't have photos of it, so i can't ctually remembe what i've done in tis day...i helped in the bicycle wokshop, Ciclooficcina, and went to several debates and resistance music concert all night (partisans band)

I went to an interesting debate on the anti-global movement with the presence of the athor of Anarchy in the EU
Another about LGBTQ fight and rights... and others i can't remember...

This day in the fest was also used to rise question about animal rights, anti-speciesism and veg*nism as a resistance...

Saturday, May 30, 2009


I returned to the festival in the morning with my tent to stay there for the rest of the fest and participate in the debates and party...

the festival was amazingly well self-organized by a lot of distinct collectives...
i went to several activities this day, a movie about fascism in italy, a debate on prostitutes rights, theatre and music... and helped in the ciclo-officina

Friday, May 29, 2009


Passed all day in the house planning what to do...

in the night went to the first day of the Festival Sociale delle Culture Antifasciste, there (as i remember without seeing the photos i took) i meet people from the Ciclofficina AmpioRaggio that had received my email for helping in the festival.... together we talked and saw a RAP-Hip-Hop open microphone concert...

Thursday, May 28, 2009


After lunch went to a copyriot fest that started two days ago, saw 2 (translated) recent movies about che guevara and then cycled in the city (saw a fucking start of a neofascist demo surrounded by police)
"Your crisis we will not pay it"
Returned to chiara's house to have dinner and then, with her and marco, went to the copyriot fest in the university for concert and party... amazing to see the different spirit you feel in this university (completly contrary to the machine-students i know in porto)...
Banda Bassotti in piazza maggiore
"Occupy the space, free knowledge"

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Stayed all day at home planning my trip to paris... outside was quite warm but raining like crazy :s

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


In the afternoon went to cycle in the city and see a concert in Piazza Maggiore.
in the night, while in internet received a proposal, from a friend from GAIA, to go to an internation exchange on agriculture, called ''Respect begins in your plate: alimentation, environment and sustainable development'', in Paris, and started to make some plans how to go there...
After an amazing Falafel night, we saw a comic italian movie, My Name Is Tanino.

Monday, May 25, 2009


In the morning went out to cycle a bit around bologna
The weather is really crazy, around 35 degrees!!... so being outside is like an hell :p... So returned home where at least is a bit fresh :D
I'm now in the house of my friend, living with students, so days are quite different... and i'm enjoying a rest...
In the night we saw a movie, Le fate ignoranti, from a producter that maria liza is writting her thesis about...

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Days in the city are not so full, and, after a party night, energy go away fast :p...

Stayed most of the day at home with my nice hosts :D

In the night we saw a movie all together, Amnèsia.

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Most of the day I passed it at home talking and on "internet traveling", some weeks after the last time i did it :p
In the afternoon, with chiara and marco, we went to a Social Center, Vag61, where there were lots of activities, a biological market and a ska concert with lots of covers of spanish libertarian music.
After the concert, we meet the others in a big piazza full of people, the weather it's amazingly hot all day and night

Friday, May 22, 2009

Valle Degli Elfi -> Bologna

Spent the morning packing and saying goodbye to all in Aldaia, the days here were really special and i meet great people, hope to return one day, then started cycling direction Bologna, most of the way going down the mountain :D
goodbye to l'oca
"the door" with the water bottle counter-weightsaying goodbye to the garden :D
The special pan used to make the great juices i tried yesterday
In bologna i meet Chiara, an old friend from erasmus and will stay in her house for some days. She leaves with 3 people and there was Antonio's birthday party this night.. with great food (handmade spinach raviolis :D)
views from the travel to bologna
reading in a garden waiting for chiara
chiara in a bike and the famous towers of bologna
Chiara, antonio and the raviolis :D

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Valle Degli Elfi

The door was almost finished yesterday and today we installed a counter-weight to make it close automatically ;)
the beautiful spring arriving and all the flowers and green getting stronger in the garden :D
After lunch we had another round of working all together, sweeping out of dead leaves the woods that we had clean before, in order to let the grass grow for the cows
After cleaning, we drank amazing homemade juices (conserved in bottles since last year) of plum, apple and cherry that are made every year when there is abundant fruit available.
blackberry leaves drying out after 5 days of fermentation
Then i milked Brigitte for the last time as tomorrow will head to bologna...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Valle Degli Elfi

In the morning with diego, franscesco, jonathan and mateu we went to cut an huge dead tree (with probably more than 100 years) that felt some years ago... it was nice to remember a technical i learned in can masdeu to transport huge pieces of tree, place a rope in a zig-zag form in the floor and then place the wood on top of it, each corner of the zig-zag then can be used as a handle to distribute the weight better and have a nice position :D
After moving out of the way some tones of wood and carry it back to aldaia, we had (as usual) an huge lunch (and we were really hungry after cutting and carrying :p)...
using the manual "black&decker"
After lunch and siesta we continued to mount the garden door and, as usual now, finished the "working day" milking brigitte :D (although i don't drink milk it was great to have a fresh and hot cappuccino directly from the cow :p)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Valle Degli Elfi

recently born kitties :D
Waked up early to help tita milking brigitte, then read a bit in the morning and went to the garden to help. With mateu, we mixed the last year cow compost with the soil in the greenhouse for future seeding and spread some straw in a recently planted part of the garden to avoid drying out.
After lunch with the help of jonathan and a joint plan, we started a project i had talked about some times already, to make a new door for the garden as the one there is falling apart...