Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Valle Degli Elfi

the common kitchen, where almost everyday we prepare cheese, bread, yogurt and common meals :)
With sabina in the garden, opened a path in order to be able to walk in the garden easier with wheelbarrow, then dig the cabbages of yesterday a big out because they were planted to much inside ground.
After lunch started to feel a bit sick, with nauseas, and slept all afternoon, vomited a bit and in the night sabina gave me some herbal drops for stomach problems (that i, as always quite skeptical, don't think they worked :p), emanuela gave me a massage in a point in a leg and in the wrist (that actually worked to loose the will to vomit again) and jonathan gave me a bunch of fresh clay to sleep with it over the stomach, this technical was really successful and i felt better since the moment it touched my belly :D

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