Sunday, May 10, 2009

Valle Degli Elfi

One of the Gran Burrone donkeys :D
Giacomo, the other wwoofer in aldaia went home, nice to meet him, he had lots of experiences in different eco-villages in spain and gave me some feedback about them :)
"The one-straw revolution"
The sauna i used friday night, with the green roof
Around lunch time me and diego walked back home, i helped a bit romano in the patio and then franscesco building a fence to prevent wild deers to enter, they are really invasive and, as all natural predators (wolfs, mostly) are extincted they can destroy human cultivations really fast...
After I started learning how to milk a cow, Brigite, the house cow, with diego :D...
Brigite waiting for her food treat :D
Although i'm quite critical when talking about animal rights, the way this cow lives (freely and alone with other cows from other houses all day) it's quite humane, of course, as for any milk production (something most vegetarians try to ignore), the calf she produced was killed in order for her to produce milk for human consumption... Anyway, in the valle most of the people are not vegetarians, although most of meals are, and this way of eating meat is much more humane than factory produced milk/eggs/meat...

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