Sunday, May 17, 2009

Valle Degli Elfi

Passed the morning sawing wood, then, after some rest, went to Casa Sarti to play football in the prepared camp... as usually, as i really don't like to play it, i sucked :p... but was a nice way to socialize a bit ;)

Then helped tita to make bitter orange marmalade, cutting orange skin in really thin slices and cooking it in the orange juice and sugar...

in the night helped diego to make an amazing pizza, with the local mozarella from yesterday, and homemade biological tomato sauce and flour... it's really amazing to think that almost all of the food i eat here is biological and most of it local, having walked to my plate!

Talking about mozarella, here in aldaia there are made diferent kinds of cheese, made in the traditional way, the main ingredients are milk and rennet a fungus taken from the stomach of a baby calf (killed) that can be used for long time after being diluted and starts the coagulation of the milk, different kinds of cheese made in Aldaia:
- "normal" cheese: made with milk and rennet and got warm (not boiled)
- Ricotta: made with the whey that remains from cheese production, a bit more milk and vinager, this mixture is boiled and drained after
- Cow-Milk Mozzarella: made with fermented milk and rennet going to hight temperatures and then stretched and kneaded
- Quack: a kind of soft cheese mad only with the fermentation of milk without rennet (although i really didn't understand how)

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