Thursday, May 7, 2009

Valle Degli Elfi

"All past is humus for the present and future of the earth"
dry compost toilet
In the morning making fascina (organizing small wood sticks in rolls to clean the woods), then helped romano to enlarge the path to the house with some stones and wood (they are waiting for a bulldozer to come to help digging a pool to save water for summer and need to enlarge the path for that) and dig the patio of the house to make it a bit flat ;)...
the vegetable garden (in permaculture style, with a mix of wild and domestic plants in a symbiosis with nature)
l'oca, the love addicted goose (allways asking for caresses)
The newly born chickens :D
After lunch there was a big birthday party with the all community, we danced, singed, ate amazing cakes and pizzas and played a lot... really nice to get to know more of the Elfi spirit :D
In the end the bulldozer didn't arrive...

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