Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Signorino -> Valle degli Elfi

Wake up and crossed the mountain top to San Pelegrino, there stopped in a caffe and meet some people that were in the valley who said me there was a place i would probably be able to stay.
view from the Scuola
They went home and i cycled up to the valle, stoped in the Scuola, the place where i'd been last time with yo, and had lunch with them :D
Then walked to Aldaia, another group in the valley to get to know them, and if it would be possible to stay for a while helping out as a "wwoofer", helping out in the farm for food and rest, as they were member of WWOOF Italy and were used to receive some people to work there...
In this afternoon helped out in Francesco's recently build Yurt digging a hole to cover an water tube that passed under the Yurt platform...
Then went with Diego and Giacomo to find the muccas (cows) and bring them back home
Casa del Vento (same name as the house in Sieci :D)
As there was already another wwoofer in the house i mounted my tent and sleept outside ;)

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