Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Valle Degli Elfi

Had breakfast and then spent some time patching a bike tire for one of the kids of Aldaia
Water system :p
After that, as there was not enough water arriving to the tank and, as in summer time there is almost no water arriving in Aldaia, we went to follow the water tube till the water source trying to fix it and open a nice path for future problems... our work didn't change the water flow a lot, but at least we confirmed that the problem isn't (still) in the source, as there was water coming out of the stones there.
Water source, nearly 1 km away from the house
new kid's swing
In the afternoon, with tita and jonathan, we planted some cabbages that were transplanted from another elfi's village ;)And finish the "working" day milking brigitte again, each day is easier :D

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