Saturday, May 9, 2009

Valle Degli Elfi

Fixed two bikes of the kids (small problems in the breaks) and then walked alone to the small river near the house to be some time in the magical woods
After the chess game after lunch :), helped romano to carry some fertile earth to plant flowers in the house patio.
Gran Burrone, on the other side of the valle
in the afternoon walked with giacomo, diego and jimmy to Gran Burrone, another village of the valle where it would be the full moon party, every 28 days there is a Festa de la Luna Piena in the Valle :). In the way meet Alex, from quebec, a really nice guy also traveling around in europe...
View of the valle degli elfi from Gran Burrone (Aldaia is placed in the join of the two hills)
Gran Burrone, named after the book from tolkien as the village of the elves in the Lord of the Rings story, is a great small village and one of the biggest of the valle, living there about 20... Another magical place and night full of music, great food and sweet treats :D
The luna piena appearing behind the hills :D, beautiful moment

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