Friday, May 22, 2009

Valle Degli Elfi -> Bologna

Spent the morning packing and saying goodbye to all in Aldaia, the days here were really special and i meet great people, hope to return one day, then started cycling direction Bologna, most of the way going down the mountain :D
goodbye to l'oca
"the door" with the water bottle counter-weightsaying goodbye to the garden :D
The special pan used to make the great juices i tried yesterday
In bologna i meet Chiara, an old friend from erasmus and will stay in her house for some days. She leaves with 3 people and there was Antonio's birthday party this night.. with great food (handmade spinach raviolis :D)
views from the travel to bologna
reading in a garden waiting for chiara
chiara in a bike and the famous towers of bologna
Chiara, antonio and the raviolis :D

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