Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Valle Degli Elfi

In the morning with diego, franscesco, jonathan and mateu we went to cut an huge dead tree (with probably more than 100 years) that felt some years ago... it was nice to remember a technical i learned in can masdeu to transport huge pieces of tree, place a rope in a zig-zag form in the floor and then place the wood on top of it, each corner of the zig-zag then can be used as a handle to distribute the weight better and have a nice position :D
After moving out of the way some tones of wood and carry it back to aldaia, we had (as usual) an huge lunch (and we were really hungry after cutting and carrying :p)...
using the manual "black&decker"
After lunch and siesta we continued to mount the garden door and, as usual now, finished the "working day" milking brigitte :D (although i don't drink milk it was great to have a fresh and hot cappuccino directly from the cow :p)

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