Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Valle Degli Elfi

finally, during summer, the caterpillar arrived to build the planned lake ;)
While sabina planted stevia, a sweetleaf plant alternative to sugar, and other plants i helped her picking howthorn fruits to make jam and tea.
I helped cooking the lunch and bottle some pear juice.
steam juice pan (suchatrice :p)
In the afternoon me and yo were picking walnuts from the floor and cutting apples to dry for winter time. Then i also made some sterilized pears with cinamoon to save for winter time. There is now full of fruits and nuts everywhere that need to be saved for eat during the cold times :).
mazza di tamburo mushroom, our daily food :p, growing everywhere
I helped jonathan again milking brigitte and after dinner played carambola with coio, yo and diego till late.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pioppe di Salvaro -> Valle Degli Elfi

We left the house before lunch and cycled to the valle degli elfi, to Aldaia.
In the way we stooped in Porreta Terme to have lunch and in angelo's house, that is now pretty advanced, comparing to my last visit.
After meeting my friends in aldaia i helped romano cutting pears for making juice and jonathan milking brigite, the super mucca, that now is only milked once a day...
back to aldaia
ferrary in the middle of the flowers we planted last time hereloads of pears to cut for juice :D

Monday, September 28, 2009

Pioppe di Salvaro

In the morning andrea left to work and left the house for us ;)
I fixed another broken spoke and we spent the rest of the day seeing friends and playing games :p...relaxing day :p

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bologna -> Pioppe di Salvaro

this kitchen is a experience of: society, self-management, skipping, biological food, vegetarianism, separation of garbage. Loose time in here...
chan and evan single-speed bicyclesgraffiti in XM24 walls

We left XM24 after having breakfast with chan and evan, cycling up the mountain to visit Andreaa in his house.
Arriving there we visited his neighbor donkeys, yolanda and other name :p, and in the night we had dinner in his house :D

Saturday, September 26, 2009


so much skiped food it could not fit the cart...
Before lunch we helped duxo going to the fresh market next to the social center to skip some vegetables. The vendors are pretty familiarized with the squatters and are quite friendly, interested in the social and cultural work they are doing in XM24 and giving us loads of food that would not be good on monday market opening...
After lunch i stayed around updating the blog and meeting the my bicycle workshop friends, ampioraggio workshop day.
Will we pay even the air... before understanding the real cost of petrol?
In the night i went with lucca and others friends to a party in Ivan Ilish school, with a band that sings revolutionary popular songs that i already knew from the anti-fascist festival.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Battaglia Terme -> Bologna

We left the abandoned house where we slept last night early in the morning and cycled to ferrara,the italian bicycle city.
wild spinach, nara tought us to identify, easily found everywherebicycles in ferrara
We then cycled a lot, around 125 km all day, to arrive in bologna. We visited ex-mercato 24 a social center i've been before, where the free bicycle workshop, AmpioRaggio, works and we could stay there to sleep for some days.

Not much time after we arrived, Evan and Chan (USA), also with bicycle (but really lightweight backpackers) arrived and we talked a lot while cooking together in the amazing kitchen of the social center that was a old fresh food market.
Late in the night, with aiko and oliver (Germany) we went for a long walk, looking for a party (that was already finished).

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Mestre -> Battaglia Terme

wheel growing on a tree, nicola's art :p
We left Cristina and Nicola's house in the morning and started cycling to padova, i had promised my mother i would visit the cathedral...
Save the world - Go vegetarianour bikes and yo look really small next to this huge church
On the way out of Padova, yo had a small accident and a car parked on top of her front wheel...we tried to repair but in the end we just bought a new wheel and continue riding south, direction ferrara...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


selling Jujube, a fruit we had seen a lot in our way (tastes a bit like apple and looks like an olive)
We caught the bus to venice and passed the all day walking around visiting the city and some art exhibitions...
Wake Up Italy!Laboratorio Occupato Morioncrazy exhibition from hong kong"A house belongs to who inhabit it!"
Kill all artistsbarbaric advertisement over the bridge of sighs
After another, intensive, tourist day, nicola and cristina invited us to go to a yoga lesson... funny to do some yoga ;)