Monday, September 14, 2009

Kubed -> Pomjan

We cycled to Nara's house, the permaculture project we were going to visited, in the way we, luckily, met moritz that was leaving and we could say goodbye...he is trying to continue faster, hitch-biking to italy and then back to germany...
we continued to nara's house, but he was not in the moment so we visited his neighbour, aleika, also building up a project for 7 years, there we also met matia a girl from ljubljana that was there to help
nara's caravan and rain water catching system
the project is amazing, they are just two, aleika and a friend, and althought they still leave in a caravan, they already build a common building for sleeping and storing, and open kitchen, and some small strawbale houses for storing, they plant loads of plants and vegetables, starting recently following permaculture principles...
the round sleeping room
the dwarfs city ;)
roof of the rounded house, syatem to collect rain warter and future green roof
vegetable and plants garden
hornet nest (during the night it sounds an amazing vibration sound)
car library :D
weather and catastrophe center
coming here already worth it just for the support, at least morally, we could give to this projects that are trying to grow...

in the night we finally met nara and returned to his caravan to prepare and amazing dinner and talk about his books and projects...

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