Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Valle Degli Elfi

finally, during summer, the caterpillar arrived to build the planned lake ;)
While sabina planted stevia, a sweetleaf plant alternative to sugar, and other plants i helped her picking howthorn fruits to make jam and tea.
I helped cooking the lunch and bottle some pear juice.
steam juice pan (suchatrice :p)
In the afternoon me and yo were picking walnuts from the floor and cutting apples to dry for winter time. Then i also made some sterilized pears with cinamoon to save for winter time. There is now full of fruits and nuts everywhere that need to be saved for eat during the cold times :).
mazza di tamburo mushroom, our daily food :p, growing everywhere
I helped jonathan again milking brigitte and after dinner played carambola with coio, yo and diego till late.

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