Friday, September 25, 2009

Battaglia Terme -> Bologna

We left the abandoned house where we slept last night early in the morning and cycled to ferrara,the italian bicycle city.
wild spinach, nara tought us to identify, easily found everywherebicycles in ferrara
We then cycled a lot, around 125 km all day, to arrive in bologna. We visited ex-mercato 24 a social center i've been before, where the free bicycle workshop, AmpioRaggio, works and we could stay there to sleep for some days.

Not much time after we arrived, Evan and Chan (USA), also with bicycle (but really lightweight backpackers) arrived and we talked a lot while cooking together in the amazing kitchen of the social center that was a old fresh food market.
Late in the night, with aiko and oliver (Germany) we went for a long walk, looking for a party (that was already finished).

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