Friday, August 28, 2009

Čingi-Lingi -> Jagnjedovec

a local neighbor rought us some homemade food for breakfast because e saw us in television :)
We cycled to Koprivnica where the city mayor was waiting for us to cycle with us to the city center, Koprivnica is known to be the croatian bicycle-city, lots of improvements were made and the city center is car-free.
picture in a bicycle monument :)
Then we went to danko's house and prepared our entrance in the Mnogo u Malom festival, using some recycled materials we found with the theme "feel the heat" on mind...
We then cycled all together and dressed up to the festival were we had a great reception with macedonian music and acrobatics :D...
It was the makedonia day and they saved us some lunch, then some workshops were happening and i went to watch a (really weird) movie about makedonian identity.
Danko's father gave us a guided tour around the Sunny Village (the property where the festival is held) and his collections.
big rocket-stove to cook dinner
After dinner and talking with loads of people there was a concert and crazy party.this was officially the last day of Ecotopia Biketour 2009! Great tour, thanks for all i learned and what i meet in this trip ;)

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