Friday, November 28, 2008

Niebla -> Sevilla

camping under a bridge last night ;)

I arrived in sevilla a bit late and when i phone the hospitalityClub member who accepted to host me, he realized it was to late to explain me the way to his house (6 km outside the city) and told me to find a hostel to stay this night ;)

In the street, I met a girl from Denmark also looking for a hostel, we found one together and in the hostel we meet 7 italians :) of them (fuck, i can't remember his name, i hope he contact me anyway...was a really nice guy) speaks portuguese, he was a volunteer in Brazil and recently he was traveling in the south of Portugal by foot, a really interesting guy.

We all went out to fiesta that night (they still will send me some pictures, I think...)

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