Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mértola -> Junqueira

the place where I camp last night :)
I cycled in a national road with few cars all day. I entered Algarve and in that moment i could saw the first cyclist traveling Algarve i meet this trip, we didn't talk, as he was going in the oposite direction but was nice to think I'm not the only one traveling by bike in this crazy, and freezing, time of the year.
entering Algarve
Visited Alcoutim during the way and cycled in a nice path near the border of Spain (along the coast of Guadiana river) a really nice and calm way :D.
I found a old house when the sun was starting to set and used it to camp (the house had no roof, but the walls protected from the wind :D) there i found for some moments a nice baby cat who was following me everywhere, then he just disappeared :(

a nice evening with the fire by my side...

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