Sunday, November 2, 2008

finally starting

after some hesitation and delays to start this trip... I'm on my way to start a different trip in my life... i'm starting on the 3rd of November, in direction of south (to have a little help of the northern winds ;)

I've started a trip without limit on time or space (at least not a very short one) on my bicycle and any other mean of transportation that carry both of us despite the plane (after taking a self pledge not to use these exorbitant "form of transport" that kills the earth and possible relations better perceived when in slower motion... some reason not to use the plane

thanks everyone who helped me in starting this trip...

i will try to post where i am and what I've been doing... will try to post at least one picture of everyday (the ones who explain the best moments of that day) everytime i can and i didn't forget to take pictures of it (I'm not a very avid photographer)


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