Monday, February 23, 2009

Elche -> Alcoy

I got out early to find the green path to Alcoy... there were no signs and I got in strange paths lots of time... Any way the path was really beautiful and i arrived in Alcoy around 18:00.
how caterpillars walk the street?
I met Marta there and we walked (carrying the bicycle) to El Potro, a project in Barranc del Cint a small path between two mountains, no car access (by trecking bike is also REALLY hard to get there).

Arriving there was like entering in a fairy tale, lots of nature and a beautiful old house with water...

Every week in El Potro they produce organic traditionally made whole bread and I arrived in the middle of the process, still helped to put them in the oven... really nice experience to share with Marta, Jordi, Jahlilah and Alfred

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