Monday, March 30, 2009


view from my tent to Can Masdeu
Camped in front of Can Masdeu last night ;)... during the day visited the installations and helped arnau with his tipi again...
house in a tree :D
"Agriculture is the profession of wise people, the best fitted and worthy to all free men" - Ciceron
the beginning of the passive-solar straw house of Martin
comic about recycling and consume
pedal-powered washing machine detail
The dried bathroom is quite good (and big) really clean and without smell, thanks to the separation of urine and the use of dried material ;)
view from the dried toilet :D
dried toilet
"The first revolutionary duty is to maintain the dried latrine clean."
After (a good) lunch with some of the house inhabitants and after contacting La Pao, i cycled to Marishiweu, the squat where i can stay some days ;)...
no one answer, so i visited the park guell, really near, a nice park, full of tourists in a high part of barcelona...
Finally i went back to Marishiweu and got to know them, we had a large conversation about mafia in italy, social revolution and anarchism in spain and cataluña...
"less traffic, more tranquility"

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