Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Arrived in the suburbs of Athens around 4:30 and cycled around to the center trying to find a bench in a park to sleep...amazingly there are hundreds of people sleeping in the ground everywhere! In the end just cycled around in Athnes chaos till i find the embassy...

Arriving there i meet ricardo, we had instant connection and discovered we had some friends in common, he was a squatter last years in holland, living now in greece, and lost his ID so we talked a lot and he arranged me place to stay that night...

After around 5 hours waiting (and lossing 120 euros to the fucking portuguese government) i got my new passport (ricardo didn't have the same lucky) and we meet his friend, irina.
With her, we went to Exarchia, known to be the anarchist neighborhood, where Alexandros was killed last December and where all the reaction started. i didn't had enough time to visit the place, but lots of things were happening, a park was squatted and rebuilt and now is open 24h, lots of art and posters in every wall, and no police.
Marvelous, Ricardo, irina and a nice neighbor ;)
In the night we went to Irina house to get Marvelous, the dog, and go to the park where all the neighbors go with their dogs and had long talks and beer ;)

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aloe vera said...

oh, posso ir a esse parque onde toda a vizinhança leva os cães? se nao querias gastar 120€para o fucking government devias ter atenção para nao perder os documentos. queres outro, pagas!