Friday, July 10, 2009

Prilep -> Zrze

In the morning cycled to Debreste, where i planned to catch up with the biketour in the next day, i arrived there early and was the local freak attraction (as it will become normal around Balkans), a cyclist from portugal, giving me cigarettes and coffee in the local bar...
tobacco plantation
Contacted Daniel, from the biketour, and decided to meet them today in Zrze, an orthodox monastery in the top of a mountain, trying to find my way to the place i found Benoit, the first biketour participant i meet, he was lost from the group with a broken pedal!!..we passed all day together trying to find our way to the monastery (communication in this place is not easy and every sing person send us in different directions!!)
Mulberry treewalking with benoit :)
pulling benoit bicycle with a rope :p
Finally we arrived in at the top and i meet all the actual group...some of the people were immediately cool and i felt at home :D
Zrze Monastery
After visiting the monastery with one local monk, we mount the camp and made a fire (and an amazing dinner - Israelite hummus from Jordan and mushroom from ianya, Croatia)

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