Saturday, July 11, 2009

Zrze -> Bitola

Going down from Zrze Monastery
Because Benoit bicycle had a non-easily-fixable problem in the pedal he caught a train to Bitola and we decided to go one day faster so we could meet him there.
Water Buffaloes
In the morning we cycled downhill back to Debreste (where all the locals in the central coffee were asking for me :p) and, after breakfast, we visited a local project of protection of water buffaloes, a local specie that almost disappeared some years ago because of the lack of male buffaloes...

I carried one of the biketour trailers for the first time :D...nice i will be not in two wheels, but in three some times...eheh

After lunch, lily (Australia), bapsy (Austria), jordan (israel) and i got "lost" (after missing one biketour sign) and went uphill for 10km...luckily leshek (poland) also got lost and we meet him in the way...
Riding to Bitola, Bapsy with two local (small) cyclists :D
Arriving in Bitola, a big city, we left our things in a student dormitory where we would pass the night and went out to visit the center and have dinner in a local restaurant...

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